Extra Mystical Lexicon

Do you keep a mystical journal? I wouldn't be without mine. Here's some of types of daily spiritual writings I practice:

2-way conversations with the Divine. I seek constant guidance from my Spirit-Team and writing it out is not only part of my process and practice, it's essential to following through with Their loving advice.

I wouldn't want to lose an aha moment, so I write it out. Plus, in the writing the lessons expand.

Spirit Signs and Messages
Acknowledging Spirit's signs and messages in writing totally strengthens the abilities to receive them, much like a Dream Journal.

My Dreams
Waking and sleeping dreams get recorded. Writing out my daydreams has been transformative.

Manifesting Spells
I have a few ways of performing manifesting spells, all of which include writing. I like to post images sometimes too. It's amazing to look back and see everything I've consciously created.

Daily Intentions
I choose a tarot card and write out my intention that goes along with it. Lately, I've been posting my card under the hash-tag of ‪#‎TarotWho‬ telling who I intend on being today along with the tarot card. Sometimes, I take it a step further and choose a daily theme song to match, calling that practice ‪#‎78songs‬.

Writing about how much I appreciate the people and experiences of my life multiply my blessings, and I am so grateful.

I mentally say my prayer of protection often, but on days when I'm feeling a low vibe, I'll write it out. It gives me a feeling of ease and is an instant ‪#‎VibeLift‬ .

My Spirit Writing Tools include:
- personally designed journaling paper
- my keep.google.com board, and
- posts here and in other social media and @ mystic-mentor.com
- Epiphanies Tarot divination for two-way spiritual conversations.