How to Read a Tarot Card Intuitively

Let each tarot card speak for itself. As the cliche says, a picture is worth a thousand words. Your first impression is where intuition speaks the loudest. What popped? Allow that to be the foundation before thinking and logic have a chance to get in the way.

Signs and Symbols: What does that mean to you? Just like in interpreting dreams, different things mean different things to different people. Snakes, for example, can be about danger, sex, temptation, transformation... and lots more. Let your own soul speak.

What other metaphysical systems are already part of your personal lexicon? Numerology? Colorology? Astrology? Your intuition will pick up on these in each tarot card.

Be open to all your clairs. Do you hear, smell, taste, feel, or know what the tarot card is conveying?

Utilize Bibliomancy. What messages do you get when reading the meaning of the tarot card?

Most importantly, relax and trust yourself. When you've set the intention to intuit the tarot, you'll always receive amazing answers.